Nature Study + Our Spring Books

“At this time, as blossoms emerge from slumber, as leaves shoot out, birds play, and the earth awakes from a long winter, go out and let the cool breeze blow around you. Dig your toes into the dirt.  Let the sun peeking behind clouds kiss your face with its light. Draw in the moist air with slow, deep breaths.  Hold each breath for a moment and release them with gratitude. Once more, we seek renewal; for the year, the earth, the garden, and for ourselves. May we all take steps toward renewing our bonds with the natural world, its spirit and wonders. May we all grow a little further toward a healthier way of living within nature.” – Raven J. Demers

Spring is my absolute favourite season because it means longer days, more daylight, and the world waking up and becoming green again. I love all the changes that take place in such a short period of time. It makes for a great time of year to start a year round nature study.

We have been nature explorers and collectors since my oldest was little, but it was done with no real direction. So I was really excited to find Exploring Nature with Children by Lynn Seddon.  So far it seems like it is going to be a great addition to our lessons. There are weekly themes with a reading list, nature walk activity, nature journaling, poem, art study and extension activities. But the best part is that it really allows for flexibility to do a little or a lot.

The next three weeks we are going to be learning about the spring equinox, Easter & Ostara, the four seasons, frogs, birds, gardening, plus we will be going on weekly nature walks. I have some some fun activities planned, starting some seeds for our garden, a lapbook or two, and reading a lot books, many of which I have posted below if you are wanting some inspiration. I will be sure to document as we go!


our year overview . 2016-2017