What are learning this Summer?

The official start to Summer is here and we are starting our sixth year of homeschooling. I know many homeschoolers out there are looking forward to taking a nice long break from lessons to enjoy the summer months. And then there are others, like us, who opted to school right on through Summer. 


If there is one thing I have learned in these past five years is that routine is key in my family. My children just seem to do better with a flexible yet structured routine. For us taking a break for a few months isn’t worth the struggle to get back into rhythm come September. So we school year round, roughly 6 weeks of lessons, followed by a 1 week break. But with that said our Summer Term is much different and a lot more relax then our other terms.


Summer is our longest term, it is in our schedule for 9 weeks (June 19 - August 18). Math in some form is required each day, as is independent reading. But we won’t be having our regular loop schedule lineup, actually, most of our curriculum is on hold until September. What we will be doing instead is a Summer Book Basket, an Independent Work and Poetry Teatime. 


What is a Summer Book Basket? Very much like the Morning Basket, it is a basket with a bunch of books in it that we read from. We will be spending about 1-1.5 hours and 3 days a week reading from the books that are in the basket. We have a few set topics we will be covering this Summer (and likely into the Fall with a few)... History, Geography, Science & Natural History. 


After spending a year learning about the Middles Ages we are excited to start learning about our own county’s history. We are starting by learning about the indigenous people of Canada. I have a few different resources I will be pulling from starting with Natives Long Ago by Donna Ward, a book list with many wonderful living books, and local stories and resources.  


For Geography we are going on a virtual road trip across Canada by reading WOW Cananda! Exploring this Land from Coast to Coast to Coast and learning a bit extra about each province with the Canada Close Up series. 


Another topic we are going to be studying over the warmer months is Astronomy. We will be using Find the Constellations by H.A. Rey, the Sky View app and books from our library. Another fun part (that also ties into our history lesson) is that we will be studying the constellations of the Ojibway, Cree, Blackfoot, and other indigenous people in Canada, and the stories that go along with them. 


For our Natural History we will continue to follow the season and interests that spark, taking regular nature walks and recording what we see. 


Another aspect of our summer is going to be Independent Work. It will have a loop of a few workbooks and copy work, a few books to read, programs to use, and projects to make. I am going to elaborate on this in another post soon. 


Poetry Teatime will also be sticking with us over the summer, it is just a nice way to come together and read some of our folk stories and poems, while enjoying something refreshing to drink and yummy to eat.