Spring Term Changes + Our Learning Loops

Spring Term Changes + Our Learning Loops

Earlier this week I shared what our Winter Term looked like and how I plan, it was our cozy hibernating term and we had a great flow of our routine. But life is always changing and I like to stop to assess what is working well and what needs to be tweaked a bit. This, my friends, is just another beautiful thing about homeschooling, you can switch things up as needed. When I do this I also ask my children what they think is working and not working.

So for our Spring Term, I have decided to turn things completely upside down. I am scrapping our normal "Morning Time" and instead structuring our morning to be a bit slower. We are still starting with Math, it is everyone's least favourite so we get it out of the way right away.

When we normally would be starting our 2 hours Morning Time, I instead have scheduled Language Arts Lessons, which is First Language Lessons, Arrow and Jot It Down. Once we have finished that each girl does 2-3 things off their LA Loop, while I do some lessons with Haiden. We have about an hour or so to go get outside for a walk, or if it is miserable or cold out I put on an exercise video.

This usually brings us to about 11 AM, when each girl does one thing from their Elective Loop.

Elective Loop -  Craft / Perler Beads / Drawing / Prodigy Math / Correspondence

During this independent block is when I make lunch, do some chores and try to find my lost coffee.

After lunch and some chores, we sit down together to do our afternoon learning loop, which looks similar to our Morning Time.

History and Science we do each day and then just one subject from each loop. Takes us about an hour and a half to work through.

Loop One - Folk Songs / Art Study / Shakespeare / Virtues / Mythology / Math


Loop Two - Nature Study / Geography / Natural History


We have had two weeks of this new routine and it is working really, really well. And for some reason we are finishing a half hour earlier, which means more free time for everyone.

I know some of you were interested in how I set up our loops, so I have included a FREE download of our current learning loops. I have this printed off on card stock and use large paperclips to keep track of where we are. You can find the download button below. 

Our Minimal Cabinet of Curiosities

Our Minimal Cabinet of Curiosities