Simple Ways to Slow Down Today

Living a slower style of life was something I didn't set out to do. It just seemed to be a key part of some significant decisions in my life and something I strive for now in my every day. But I am a mother, which means that some days life is anything but slow. The constant questions and needs of our children place to go, errands to run, meals to make and chores to keep up on.  But I do have some tools I use daily that help me live slower, within a fast-paced world. 


  1. Get up early
    By starting the day early, and before my kids get up, allows me to put myself first. I have a created a morning routine that slowly eases me into the day and really helps to ground me.
  2. Meditate
    Practising regular meditation has numerous benefits, one of which has been to help slow my thoughts and be more present. 
  3. Eat Slow
    We live in such a fast-paced world that it seems sometimes we are eating on the go. Sit down to eat, chew slowly, enjoy and be thankful for your food.
  4. Single task
    We are so much more efficient if we focus on one thing at a time instead of attempting to multitask. At night try writing down 3 of the most important tasks that need to be look after the next day, even number them out of importance. 
  5. Media shut down
    Have a designated no media time is great for slowing down our brains, especially before bedtime. For me, it makes a great difference in my sleep. I have no media time during our homeschool lessons and regularly over some weekends.